Bitchy on Bart

When I leave the office and fight for my 7 inches of space on BART I tend to be too tired to do much more than stand there. While bracing myself from the jolts and bumps thrown my way, I sometimes eavesdrop. It’s not completely intentional.  My ears just seem perk up when people inches away start dishing on juicy topics.

Last week, a couple of twenty-something girls started talking about their love lives for the entire duration of my 30 minute trip.

Girl #1- ” I am going on another date with Steve tonight.”

Girl #2- ” You are? I talked to him last week and he said he didn’t think that you two had a spark.”

Girl #1- Awkwardly pauses and looks down at her shoes.” Oh, hmm.  You mean he isn’t really into me? I thought that he was just shy.”

10 minutes later…

Girl #2- ” I am very attracted to wealthy men.  But that’s not the only quality that I look for. That would make me a gold-digger. I would like to be with one, but I have not had a chance to date a really wealthy guy yet.”

Girl #1- ” Yeah, I can see that.”

Girl #2- ” I just don’t understand why inteligent, successful men end up marrying women who are beautiful, 20 years younger and lack any type of brain-power.”

I gasped for air trying not to laugh outloud. I looked over at Girl #2 in disbelief and got a good look at her. She was about 25, hair in a bun and wearing a sesame street colored backpack. Her self-confidence and her knack for belittling her ‘friend’ were quite the combination. I hope I see her in 5 more years and find out how the search for a rich guy has gone. Maybe he will lavish her with a brand new multi-colored backpack for her trips on public transportation.

It always amazes me when people speak about very personal topics in a public setting. Perhaps they just don’t realize that their conversations might be documted for all to see on the world wide web 🙂


About bartblogger

I commute. I work. I commute again. 5 hours of my life are spent on Bay Area Rapid Transit each week. My fellow passengers intrigue, inspire, disgust and humor me.
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3 Responses to Bitchy on Bart

  1. Sharon says:

    Sarah, I absolutely love your blogs! I keep up with you & your sisters through this medium and have laughed out-loud many times with this new blog. You are so talented & creative & it is always a pleasure reading your experiences. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    Your 2nd cousin from Fort Worth, Sharon

  2. bartblogger says:

    Thanks for the kind words Sharon:) The blogs are my creative outlets. Hope that you had a fantastic Christmas.

  3. tiff says:

    HAHAHA good luck to her and her backpack on finding a wealthy man!
    What a spaz

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