Forever (BART) Friends

Over the week between Christmas and New Year’s, BART is gloriously empty. I was able to lounge across multiple seats, read my book and eavesdrop on a few conversations.

 As I have mentioned in an earlier post, one of the unspoken codes of conduct on BART is no talking to fellow passengers. People become belligerent and glare at those who talk above the hum of the train. Apparently one group of ladies did not get the memo.

Woman #1 :”Girl, he’s so fine, he’s my next husband and he doesn’t even know it yet.”

3 other women crack up, hooting and hollering at 7:45am.

Woman #2: ” You just need to ask Him and tell Him that you need a new husband!” pointing towards the heavens.

This went on for another 10 minutes. Their laughter was infectious and caused a ripple effect across the train of solemn faces. Grins, smiles and laughter emanated from the group’s co-passengers.

Another woman sitting close to the group asked if they were friends on their way to a day of shopping. This was the answer she got, ” Nope, we just take the 7:18 train together every day and we are on our way to work.” Friendships forged because of BART!  To observe these women together and to hear the personal nature of their conversations you would think that they had been best buds since grammar school. Connections made through public transportation.




About bartblogger

I commute. I work. I commute again. 5 hours of my life are spent on Bay Area Rapid Transit each week. My fellow passengers intrigue, inspire, disgust and humor me.
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